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A Breitling replica to be imperishable like Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is the guy who got a bored archaeologist to be one of the most attractive men in the world. Of course Indiana Jones, although an archaeologist, was not the typical boring scientist. After that, the actor has reaped a prolific and successful career with Star Wars and Blade Runner, among other great successes.

Breitling saw in him a model representative, and is that Harrison Ford is not only a famous actor, handsome and successful, but also a training pilot, and we all know the weakness they have in Breitling with everything that has to do with the airplanes.


Lately Ford has been news for his role as Hans Solo in Star Wars, as the saga begins to move again and soon we will offer another episode, this time the seventh, directed by JJ Abrams. When it happens, stay tuned for the promotions made by Harrison Ford, and you will see that it is not separated from your Breitling watch. In addition, it seems that it will not be the only return to an old role of Harrison Ford, it is rumored that Blade Runner will also have sequel and will feature him in the cast of actors.

So if you like the classic, what never goes out of style, those few things that over time gain in attractiveness and continue to fall in love with the new youngsters, Bretiling is undoubtedly your watch brand. And you know that if you can not afford it, a Breitling replica will keep the elegance in your look … and your pocket.

Where to Get Cheap Breitling Imitation Watches?

Breitling is a brand that is becoming more and more fashionable among cheap imitation watches collectors. In this short article we will explain why.

Do you want to know how to buy cheap imitation watches Breitling?

First we will talk a little about their history, and the factors that have led to this signature, is very coveted among collectors, or simply among all those people who are looking for replicas of good quality Breitling watches.

Breitling is one of the most well-known (and coveted) brands among collectors of wrist watches and most especially among fans of Breitling replicas watches. The Breitling Company was founded in 1884 in Switzerland. The brand bears the surname of its founder: Leon Breitling.
he success of this brand, and especially of its creator, was to start making watches of attractive design, but that were very durable and reliable in the most difficult conditions. Their chronometers for military personnel, such as sailors, are famous, and especially for those aviators of the past who did not have the modern measuring instruments available today. This is why the brand logo is an anchor with wings.

In addition, the replica Breitling watches, have curious anecdotes behind it, one of them, also related to history, and space as the protagonist.
Did you know that astronaut Scott Carpenter had on his wrist a Breitling “Breitling Cosmonaute” watch aboard the Aurora 7 ship on May 24, 1962? ‘Even NASA has relied on this type of wristwatch for the safety of its astronauts !.

Anyway, even if we refer to the model “Cosmonaute” that looked Carpenter on the heights, in the world of replica watches Breitling, there is a model that stands out far above all others.

A watch model that has been quoted, and highly sought after by all lovers of cheap imitation watches. We refer, of course, to the Emergency and Emergency II models. The Emergency, which is very popular in the world of replica watches Breitling, has the peculiarity that it contains a radio transmitter so that the pilot who carries it can communicate in an emergency, hence its name. Its second version, the Emergency II, also has a transmitter that can be located by satellites.

Maybe you do not need to show on your wrist Breitling replica watches that can be located from space, but what if we are sure is that the Breitling replicas watches are among the most elegant and sporty in the whole market.

The best Breitling replica watches do not have to be expensive or expensive. Many collectors like me, we have bought these kinds of quality watches, and we have worn them on many occasions, without people realizing that they are, in fact, replica Breitling watches.

If you are looking for quality, beautiful Breitling watches, we recommend that you take a look at our website, as we have a wide catalog of brands of cheap imitation watches at your disposal.

Today’s apple Watch Apple only competitor: Rolex

Apple this time from the symbol of the identity of the luxury market turned away, and focus on fitness, entertainment and fashion direction, there is nothing wrong with the strategy.

Not long ago, apple held a press conference in San Francisco, the new second generation smart watches Watch Series Apple 2 official debut. We can see that the design of the second generation Apple Watch did not change significantly in 50 meters waterproof performance at the same time, the main attention is paid to the health and fitness function upgrade, this special built-in GPS, with significantly improved display brightness, and powerful dual core processor.

Unfortunately, apple still did not release the exact sales data Watch Apple. Maybe a lot of people will be disappointed, because there is no sales figures, simply can not see the success or failure. But it is undeniable that smart watches still just emerging products in the industry, and even a lot of people do not know what is the smart watch, and watch the size of the market itself there is no intelligent mobile phone is so big, apple chose not to publish the data but continue to improve and have no problem.

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However, apple conference mentioned an interesting topic, i.e. the first generation Apple Watch listed only 18 months, is already the world’s second largest watch brand, behind Rolex, and in the smart watch watch sales ranked first in the world in recent years, is the most successful watch products.

It is clear that in the battle with the Swiss watch manufacturers, apple did not shrink, and now has fully occupied the upper hand. However, some analysts believe that, Apple Watch sales is more obvious on the outbreak of some type of cheap, not popular in the high-end luxury market apple. More importantly, the second generation Watch Apple did not have a golden version, in turn usher in a new style of ceramic material shell. It seems, Apple seems to agree with that.

Cook in his speech also admitted that Apple has not been fully successful in the watch market.

It appears that Cook sales ranking of the charts show the apple does not meet the attitude, but not satisfied with the second position after Rolex. But the question is, why Apple will change to the high-end luxury version of the gold version of a few orders of magnitude compared to the fight against it? We also don’t know the answer, at least Apple’s strategy has changed. Perhaps Apple’s future is more willing to consider the pursuit of advanced materials? Consider other watch manufacturers can not match the material, breakthrough and follow the same ideas to create more extraordinary products?

Apple did not give the answer to these questions, however, after Apple changed strategy, next year’s Conference on the next Cook Watch Apple to get out of the first slide, we do not have to be surprised.

Apple’s products always follow a high profit model, whether it is smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops are so, and a great success. This time from the luxury market, a symbol of identity turned away, and focus on fitness, entertainment and fashion direction, there is nothing wrong with the strategy. Apple is good at making use of existing business models, but also easier to participate in the competition in the field of their own familiar.

In short, in the field of watches, there are currently placed in front of Apple’s competitors, there is only one, that is, Rolex.

Antique table collectors: the significance of the repair time


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Repair of antique timepiece like Xuan pot to practice, in order to give the chronometer gather parts into a whole miraculous skill in curing a disease, new life. “At the beginning of twentieth Century, Vacheron Constantin began from the hands of private collectors, collection agencies for antique clocks works, and carefully repair for each piece of antique clock, to return to normal operation state.” Vacheron Constantin antique table collection expert Mr. Jerome said. Since August, Vacheron Constantin has selected 25 antique watches and clocks with a sense of history to exhibit at the home of Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai.

14 years ago, from a long history of the brand to draw inspiration from the creation of the consideration, Vacheron Constantin decided to open, inventory, analysis and classification of the collection in a wooden cabinet more than 40 cubic meters of files. This is a very challenging but far-reaching project, the number of historical data gathered from this together into a rare and priceless treasure of the exclusive watch literature.” Jerome in an interview also confirmed the theoretical knowledge of the basic contribution to the antique table repair art, he said, preservation, heritage heritage is an important part of antique clock repair art. The system of literature on Vacheron Constantin’s historical heritage and sustainable innovation has played an important role. There is no denying the fact that you can get to witness, one by one in the watch is equipped with the qualifications “.

In the process of repairing antique exhibits, traceable the oldest is a 1824 Italy production moment asked pocket watch, its exquisite balance plate also engraved with the name “Vacheron”.

Antique table research work not only as a watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, a source of inspiration for designers and engineers, a brand set also gives a strong sense of belonging to the apprentice. At present, a total of 13 Vacheron Constantin watch division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of antique watches and clocks.

“Antique clocks repair rare talent also means that they have to face the huge workload, and it is a” slow “.” Mr Jerome thinks, “so really be called ‘top’ repair talent in Vacheron Constantin’s studio in the hands of a few to come over”.

“Twenty-first Century”: in addition to the maintenance and repair of antique table, you also through the collation of the literature on the clock, analysis to re evoke the traditional values. What do you think is the significance of this historic return to the current development of the brand?

Jerome: since the date of the establishment of the brand in 1755 Vacheron Jean-Marc, we have in the process of making the table, technology and knowledge of the heritage has not been broken off. One of the most basic aspects of the master is the master of the apprenticeship experience to teach, including oral instruction and formal classroom theory teaching. Subsequently, the apprentice needs through the independent observation, perception and exploration to try, and constantly enrich the practice of the technology and the process of. On the other hand, our department has been devoted to the collection of antique clocks lost in history, in order to create the brand of modern clock production continued inspiration.

“Twenty-first Century”: in the process of repairing the old clock, due to the restrictions of time and space, will inevitably encounter some technical problems. How do you overcome it?

Jerome: time is never a problem because we are willing to spend plenty of time in the long process of repairing clocks in space; also cannot tell us which problems, the studio provides sufficient space for the watch repair work. The key problem lies in the repair of top talent scarcity, although we have 13 watchmakers full-time in antique clock repair and restoration studio, but in terms of being a master top antique table repair art master, only 5, this is a very small number. At the same time, a major challenge facing how to reproduce the original appearance of the antique table is in the process of repairing it, we need to find the material to use, reproduction processing time, and even the use of machines and tools of the original. The old fixed carving knife, in the workshop to use various types of files and machines are retained in the development process of wealth, the maintenance of proper equipment repair work can help us finish after nearly a hundred years of baptism meter works

Man charm of the wind vane is not the same as the Cartire de Cartier Drive

“Hand and heart are connected, the hands of a lazy, play inside are know. The watch is connected with the time, its delicate style, will eventually be time on you.” Do not know is not Chang Chen, in the micro film “hands” to see Cartire Chang Chen shooting, this sentence deep in my heart, so I fell in love with the Drive de Cartier watch. In Chang Chen’s elegant and charming appearance, I like to see him and de Cartier Drive general accumulation and inner. Watch type: WSNM0004.


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We know that Cartire has been a pioneer in fashion in the watch industry, is the benchmark as existence, it is good at portraying the classic shell and love into the classical elements in which the deduction is not the same as the charm of fashion. The new “de Cartier Drive” was inspired by the instrument panel of antique cars. Frankly speaking, many watch series are antique cars or car elements as the source of creation, the Drive de Cartier to watch in the talent shows itself in numerous fashion, at the same time, people feel a strong sense of nostalgia, this is the classic awe, courtesy of the past.


Cartire launched Drive de Cartier watch, become a classic with excellent shape. First of all let me feel it is clean neat pillow shaped contour generous, curved lines clear texture, as if saw a man’s self-confidence and blatant. And the 40*41 mm dial size for men just fit, not artificial and seemed capable.


This watch charm Tiancheng, octagonal stainless steel crown, with a multi section synthetic spinel, against men only masculine, tough, elegant, independent of the high quality of life

Compared with steel watchband, I love Leather Watchband, because Leather Watchband looks not so tough, but slightly lighter weight, more comfortable to wear. This is just the semi Matte Black Crocodile Leather Watchband, collocation of 18 mm stainless steel folding buckle, is very delicate.

We can see that the watch table ear is small, and watchcase, watchband is perfect, all blend into one harmonious whole. The surface is polished, stylish and elegant image.Look at the exquisite silver dial, twisted cable glyph reminds me of the automobile exhaust grille, can not help but sigh Cartire really is antique elements into the watch in the car. The three point is the date display window, the six point small seconds dial leaf, blued steel and steel sword shaped blue hour and minute hands, collocation consistent Rome digital classic black, clear, bold atmosphere. The watch won my heart with a small second hand and calendar, compared to other complex functions, simple Drive de Cartier has enough.


After years of development, refining workshop movement gradually mature. Drive de Cartier watch equipped with Cartire 1904 MC type workshop refining automatic winding mechanical movement, the basic movement is one of the first batch of homemade machine Cartire watches launched in 2010 one of the workshop. For a basic movement, the power and the rationality of the layout is the key evaluation criteria. This machine uses the double barrel configuration, the calendar function is also very practical, for the movement of Polish part of Cartire is also more and more heart, in addition to the conventional clamping part Geneva corrugated grinding machine screw, for top of polishing, let people see the full sincerity.

As the independent development of the Cartire automatic mechanical movement, double spring set to ensure the lasting stability of the torque of the spring, so that the diameter of the 11 method of movement can be a long time accurate travel time. The surface uses a transparent sapphire crystal, through the back design allows us to see the sophisticated technology, precision mechanical watches as each rotation with the passage of time. In addition to water depth of 3 bar (about 30 m /100 ft)Micro film “hands” jointly launched in Cartire and Chang Chen Chang Chen, as Drive de Cartier the same interpretation of quality of life in men’s love, hand against heart, heart yu. In the life of Chang Chen gave him such a keen, independent, elegant feeling, full of time and experience accumulation, familiar with the art of life, self-confidence to live in the moment.

As far as I know, the Cartire Drive de Cartier series products should be blue balloons series of updates to Cartire’s best-selling blue balloon harvest a good reputation, and Cartire continuous innovation, further in appearance and quality, timeless elegant taste continuation of the Cartire legend, Drive de will become Cartier a classic masterpiece of Cartire.

Masculine appearance has a delicate heart, Drive de Cartier simple appearance full of masculine power, complex movement after years of temper. If let me choose, Drive de Cartier will be the most can not let go, even dial carved deep in my love. Sharp, independent, elegant watch, is the love life of the men preferred.